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Per Svanström


business developer, serial entrepreneur,
e-commerce guru, SEO ninja and digital evangelist.

I believe in changing the world! Making it a better place for people through innovative solutions. I would even call it a passion! Developing my clients businesses and helping their customers to become more satisfied.

It's a big statement - changing the world. But all big changes begin with small steps. Just as a journey around the block or a journey around the world both starts with one small step.

I'm turning 37 this year and I have been on a professional journey for the last 18 years. I have had the pleasure of starting up and selling a couple of successful businesses. As a serial entrepreneur and business developer I'm always open for new exciting challenges.

When my clients and competitors mention me they use terms like "SEO guru", "Omni channel e-commerce evangelist", "senior business developer", "digital strategist" to name a few. I'm both grateful and humble in trying to live up to those requirements.

I'm not a bold person by nature. I would even call my self humble, but I'm not into false modesty either. I know in what areas I excel and where I'm great and nothing gives me more sincere pleasure then making clients and employees succeed.

Hopefully you are one of them...


  • sep 2012 ongoing
    Knowit eCommerce
    Marketing & Operations Manager
  • se 2011 sep 2012
    Online Communications Manager
  • nov 2010 sep 2011
    Business Area Manager
  • apr 2010 nov 2011
    Team Leader Web Intelligence & UX
  • sep 2009 apr 2010
    Senior SEO consultant
  • may 2009 sep 2009
    Greatly SEO



I love e-commerce and digital business. It is also my hobby and my life. When I'm not knee deep in a clients e-commerce I really love cooking. I can spend hours planning and executing dinners that I spoil my friends and the love of my live with.

If I'm not cooking I spend time thinking about the running I probably should do to keep that previous dinner from sticking to my waist.

When I need to relax I love reading a book, which I finish a few per week...


  • business development
  • e-commerce
  • seo / online marketing
  • entrepreneurship


to the personal space of Jedi Knight business developer,
digital strategist and e-commerce guru - Per Svanström.

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  • SEO of Stadiums eCommerce
  • Technical SEO and digital strategy advisor
  • Worked with Microsoft Norways business area managers in digital business development and SEO
  • Digital strategic advisor for Astra Zeneca Nordic Market manager group
  • Responsible strategic SEO consultant for
  • Development and management of an ecommerce site for Hud & Kosmetik
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualfication
  • inRiver PIM Certified Consultant

I have been involved and managed several hundred projects. Making this page an ongoing process of getting up to date!


V&astergatan 18
413 13, Gothenburg, Sweden





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